Welcome to your 'Plan B'

A realistic solution many individuals, and families, are choosing to become part of.


You’ve landed here from either being direct, by myself, to this website having spoken to you on the phone or you’ve seen the web address on an advert, poster or flyer. Either way you’ve arrived here to find out more about an opportunity where you can earn an income working part time from home, which can lead to a very secure full time income, with a well-established, 32 year old award winning company.

The best way to get an insight into what we do is to watch a 30 minute  recording of a Live Company Overview Webinar. In the video a colleague, Steve Mitchell, initially covers the company and opportunity, he then touch on some of the products the company manufactures, then finishes by explaining how we can earn an income along with the long term benefits.

We have people of all ages, from all walks of life, getting involved with the majority never having done this type of work before. To ensure everyone gets off to a fast start in the right direction we have a proven system to follow which includes a full, ongoing, training program.

Next step - simply enter your details in the form on the right, this will take you to the next page where the video will start playing. There are also a couple of other tabs with further information. This is best watched on a laptop, PC or tablet as a mobile phone screen is a bit on the small side to see all the information being presented.

Enjoy the Overview!